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Hydrozid is the right combination of traditional cryotherapy and cryosurgery with modern aerosol technology. It provides Instant, Safe and Effective cryosurgical and cryotherapy treatment for a wide range of warts, common skin lesions and special mucosal lesions.


Hydrozid is specially designed for today’s busy healthcare professionals. It is a hands-on, portable and ready for use device as:

  • Hydrozid does not require preparation prior to its use;
  • No anaesthetics prior to freezing is needed;
  • Hydrozid does not require precautions for safe handling as such as expensive and high maintenance separate storage facilities or special ventilation;
  • No protective equipment as such as gloves or protective eyewear is needed Hydrozid does not require special disposal measures or facilities; it can be disposed in normal household.


Hydrozid does not require handling dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids standard for most traditional methods.

Hydrozid contains one cryogen, norflurane, which is a non-toxic and non-flammable medical graded substance used for many years in asthma inhalers and shown to be safe. As it does not contain CFCs or chlorine, Hydrozid does not harm the ozone layer and it can be dispose in normal household. For more safety information, please see Hydrozid Safety Data Sheet.


The custom-design spray head made according to healthcare professionals specifications ensures that a controlled jet is delivered to the treatment site every time.

Plus, it helps to stabilize the hand in the device, ensuring exceptional control. Furthermore, the long tube and cylindrical tip make it easier to treat sensitive body areas. A consistent freezing temperature together with the application applications concentrate the jet in the target anatomical area protecting the surrounding healthy tissue.

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How to order